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June 21, 2021

Introducing Rich Media NFTs ft. Product Hunt

Introducing Rich Media NFTs ft. Product Hunt
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We're launching native support for MP4 & GIF NFTs alongside our tech-loving friends at Product Hunt.

At Enjin, we're obsessed with tech.

A digital tribe of starry-eyed wanderers, we're always seeking out new innovations and friends in the space to grow and flourish with. That's why when we discovered Product Hunt a few years back, we knew we'd found common ground.

Aptly named, Product Hunt is one of the leading platforms for sharing and discovering new products. At Enjin, we've consistently used it to not only discover new tools for our own team (hi, Slite!), but also to launch our very own beloved projects.

The PH platform offers a space for users to geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations—a magical wonderland for techies from across the globe to unite under one purpose: discovering the latest and greatest in technology.

We've introduced several new products via Product Hunt, from our flagship blockchain wallet to our NFT marketplace, sparking interest and some great feedback from the community.

We've used the platform to share fun side-projects like our Crypto Nickname Generator, allowing crypto enthusiasts to claim a blockchain-friendly moniker to call their own.


And thanks to the support of Product Hunters everywhere, our NFT Minting Platform even received honorable mention in the Crypto category for the 2020 Golden Kitty Awards.

With this shared history and Product Hunt's recent interest in NFTs and the Metaverse, launching their own digital nifty seemed a natural evolution of our techie friendship.

"We're thrilled to bring our first NFT to life with Enjin. It's exciting to share with the community a fun way to engage with new technology while celebrating Product Hunt & Enjin's love of tech."

— Gabe Perez, Head of Social at Product Hunt

Product Hunt's First NFT

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products every day and prides itself in being "the place to discover your next favorite thing."

Today, it's time to discover your next favorite NFT.

Kittenish Friends

This is Product Hunt's maiden voyage into non-fungible territory, and true to form, the project is one of the earliest uses cases of Enjin-powered rich media NFTs.

As tech-loving pioneers, Product Hunt aims to educate their user base about this new technology, showcasing the utility and potential of NFTs—and proving that they can be environmentally friendly, too.

Through a giveaway powered by Enjin Beam and JumpNet, you'll be able to scan a QR code and immediately receive a piece of digital Product Hunt history to your wallet—simple, fast, and fun!

Introducing Rich Media NFTs ft. Product Hunt
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Native Support for Rich Media NFTs

A highly-requested feature, we are thrilled to introduce MP4 and GIF support to the Enjin ecosystem, with Product Hunt among the earliest adopters.

This means creators can now use the Enjin Platform to mint NFTs with both MP4 and GIF files, with full support across our product ecosystem.

Beyond pictures, rich media NFTs enable users to access even more functionality that extends to 3D imagery and video clips. Moments in time can be captured as a memory via an MP4 file and recorded on the blockchain as a legitimate historical moment that is tradable in perpetuity.

Thanks to our powerful API, the Enjin Wallet is the only blockchain wallet on the market to natively support MP4/GIF capabilities.

How It Works
  • We read the image property defined by the user within the asset's metadata
  • We identify its file type and produce a thumbnail of the video
  • We serve the video via our API
  • The Enjin Wallet and EnjinX render the video automatically based on differing context

In the future, version 2.0 of the wallet app will bring support for all ERC-1155 and ERC-721 assets, making your NFT ventures all that much smoother.

With each update and feature, the Enjin ecosystem is becoming a true "one-stop NFT shop," offering everything NFT creators, collectors, and enthusiasts need to their metaverse dreams come true.

Together with Product Hunt, we want to give users continued opportunities to dream big, do more, and own it all thanks to decentralized technology.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the giveaway page, follow a few simple steps to claim Product Hunt's first NFT—and experience your favorite QR tech in the process!

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