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February 17, 2022

The Enjin Room, Ep. 1: NFT Games to Save the World ft. MyMetaverse

The Enjin Room, Ep. 1: NFT Games to Save the World ft. MyMetaverse
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Debunk arguments against NFTs in the first episode of The Enjin Room podcast with Enjin COO Caleb Applegate and MyMetaverse CEO Simon Kertonegoro.

We are thrilled to introduce The Enjin Room, a new weekly podcast dedicated to highlighting the innovators and builders in the Enjin ecosystem!

In Episode 1, Enjin COO Caleb Applegate was joined by Simon Kertonegoro, the CEO of MyMetaverse and MyMeta Studio.

Simon's team is building a metaverse explorer, games library, and four NFT-powered games: MyMeta Minecraft, MyMeta MMO, MyMeta GTA (launching this month!), and MyMeta Arcade.

The Enjin Room, Ep. 1: NFT Games to Save the World ft. MyMetaverse
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Episode Highlights

"NFTs as a certificate of ownership will be used to back every single valuable, tradable product in the world one day. It’s going to make every single market in the world more efficient."
  • Simon's journey into the world of blockchain and Enjin
  • Transitioning from an Enjin team member to building a business on Enjin
  • What is MyMetaverse and MyMeta Studio?
  • Simplifying the player experience
  • MyMeta MMO launching this month
  • What Simon learned from his work with Enjin adopters
  • How MyMetaverse is working to change the world
  • Addressing arguments against NFTs (environmental impact, "just JPEGs")
  • Why mainstream gamers are pushing back against NFTs
  • Using NFTs to give players more options
  • Why Simon is excited about Efinity and plans to host a collator node
  • How players can get involved with MyMetaverse
  • The potential for NFTs to impact every single market and make them more efficient
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