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Rumble Through the Multiverse with this Vehicular Combat Web3 Game

Axiomech is a vehicular combat game where players must battle their way through hostile environments in service of their faction.

Brought to you by independent game developers and longtime Enjin community members, Axiomech combines classic kart racing games with open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) gameplay.

Players experience an interoperable Web3 game with external Enjin NFTs holding utility within Axiomech.

Players also take ownership of game assets through player-created NFTs and in-game tokens which can be traded on markets such as NFT.io (Enjin Blockchain’s NFT marketplace).

Designing a Classic Combat Game

Player Ownership and Advanced Utility

Axiomech began as a community long before culminating into a game. The team continuously adopted ideas from their members while maintaining their grand vision.

“If we are the engineers, then the community members are the architects.”
- Endar, Co-Founder of Axiomech

This led to a game with several opportunities for player ownership.

Loyalty Tokens

Axiomech Loyalty Tokens (ALT) are non-fungible tokens that serve as the primary utility tokens within Axiomech. It has a max supply of 210,000, with 84,000 (40%) reserved as in-game rewards.

Axiomech Loyalty Token on NFT.io

Players win ALT by achieving a high rank on the leaderboards through completing missions and holding special NFTs.

Players must collect as many ALT as possible for the following utility:

  • Combat Modifiers - faster charging speed ability.
  • Player Governance - voting on NFT integrations.
  • Upgrades - improves the random number generator (RNG) when performing upgrades.

All ALT-based utility stacks based on amount held, encouraging players to balance financial rewards and holding more ALT for greater utility.

Player Created Assets

Players can look forward to creating Cosmech NFTs - player representations of the driver and gunner of the vehicles. Still under development, Cosmechs serve as the crown jewels of Axiomech.

Cosmech NFT sneak peeks, from Axiomech

Players create these digital assets whose stats are determined by ALTs held in a user’s Enjin wallet.

Top-grade Cosmechs become powerful characters. Players either use these in-game or trade them on Enjin Blockchain marketplaces.

The Axiomech team intentionally designed Cosmechs to drive experimentation, speculation, and excitement among players.

Watch out more for this development.

Action-packed Gameplay

Axiomech provides players with varied game modes to keep the latter infinitely entertained. The diverse gameplay is driven by various mechanics such as energy levels, in-game currency, and leaderboards.

“While the game takes elements of multiple different genres for inspiration, it exists in a category of its own. There is no game quite like Axiomech. We are in uncharted territory.”
- Endar, Co-Founder of Axiomech

The team also integrated lessons from past Web3 games and PC games. For instance, dropping energy levels counter player botting which can be used by malicious players to quickly level up.

Players battle Artificial Intelligence-driven enemies and complete missions across the Outlands, the game’s outer world. Mini-games like capture-the-flag and survival mode also put players skills to the test.

When players need to manage energy levels, they head to the Axiom Racetrack where they race and collect energy. Players also claim interoperable NFTs, boosts, and leaderboard points on the racetrack.

The various daily tasks, missions, and mini-games break the otherwise monotonous grind of Web3 games.

The Axiomech team also looks to the future with releases planned out for improved mini-games, boss fights, NFT minting, and in-game chats. They are building towards a full MMO experience with player-built structures.

A Story of Web3 Unity

Axiomech starts each player in tutorial mode where they learn basic controls and practice combat. Upon completion of the tutorial, a player will be prompted to choose one of three factions - Ninax, Yurax, or Yakuz.

“The Axiomech lore is somewhat metaphorical for the current state of Web3. We all have essentially the same goals but vastly different approaches… Due to this, the Axiom Realm is in a state of flux. Whether the factions can overcome their differences and reunite is unclear…”
- Endar, Co-Founder of Axiomech

Each faction represents an Axiomech - a guardian of the multiverse.

The three guardians united into a tree, representing the multiverse. But as the tree grew, so did each guardian’s hunger, creating discord.

Three guardians, in a tree, in Web3.

Beyond wordplay and symbolism, choosing factions results in different starting levels for player stats of health points, speed, range, and damage.

Bringing an Interoperable Web3 Game to Life

To bring the Axiomech game to life, the development team needed the following solutions:

  • Cost-effective Web3 game integration
  • Tools to lower player entry barriers
  • An ecosystem of interoperable digital assets

Only a blockchain tailored for Web3 gaming could suffice.

Tools for Mass Adoption

Axiomech designed its game with both Web3 native and traditional players in mind.

Web3 games from 2021-2022 cost players hundreds to thousands of dollars in crypto transaction costs. Some developers even required players to perform KYC.

If Axiomech were to scale its player base, the team would have to take a different approach.

  • Fuel Tanks: allows game developers to pay for transaction fees on behalf of their players. Axiomech players can earn and trade in-game digital assets without having to carry cryptocurrency. Players who’ve never even heard of crypto can onboard onto Axiomech.
  • Enjin Wallet: Axiomech players must connect with a wallet to start the game. As the initial point of contact, a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet is essential.
  • Enjin Beam: a QR code-based distribution system for mass distribution of digital assets. Users point a camera and scan the QR to receive an NFT. Axiomech has used this tool intensively to market its game.

Thinking ahead, once Axiomech has attracted enough players, the game would have to be profitable for it to continue serving its users. This is where Enjin’s on-chain royalties come into play.

Once achieving a healthy playerbase, NFT royalties will become one of our primary sources of revenue, so its integrity is very important to us.
- Endar, Co-founder of Axiomech

Enjin Matrixchain has NFT royalties built-in at the protocol level.

Any NFT holder that lists an Axiomech NFT for sale on any Enjin marketplace, will have to pay the royalties once the token sells.

This guarantee lets game developers think of creative financial models.

A Thriving Ecosystem

Our secondary goal is to encourage collaboration in Web3…We have built a system that allows rapid integration of NFTs across the Enjin ecosystem into our game-loop. We partner with other game studios, artists and enthusiasts alike….
- Endar, Co-founder of Axiomech

Axiomech has found a way to integrate external digital assets into its game. A feat few Web3 games have accomplished to date.

The game integrates NFTs from the Enjin Multiverse collection as well as from Enjin community creators.

These NFTs appear on the Axiom Racetrack. If players drive and claim the digital assets, then they receive discounts and in-game currency.

Many longstanding Enjin creators such as Spitfire and ScottieTash contributed to the integration.

Axiomech also opens the door to other Enjin projects for partnerships. Called Partner NFTs, a player would accrue leaderboard points for holding these in their wallet when logging into the game.

Looking Ahead

The tools for building games have never been better than before.

Start building on Enjin Blockchain. Check out the platform for developers!

Axiomech is out on December 15!

Claim the special ALT beam.

"Enjin has provided all the necessary documents and tools to rapidly prototype, test and release the blockchain features in our game. Most importantly, it provides a complete ecosystem including a wallet, marketplace and layer 1 chain with all the features we could dream of to achieve mass adoption."
Co-Founder of Axiomech
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