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Assemble your deck and crush your enemies in a play-to-earn TCG.

Since joining Enjin’s Early Adopter Program in November 2018, Kepithor (formerly Kepithor Studios) has delighted players with their cutting-edge Web3 games.

The gaming studio’s initial release, Kingdom Karnage, fully embraced the formative Enjin Platform that pioneered Web3 gaming on Ethereum between 2018 and 2020.

Kingdom Karnage, a digital trading card game, beta launched in May 2020 and showed the world the power of blockchain-enabled gameplay and mechanics. Players actively engaged in peer-to-peer trading of boosts and cards, contributing to a thriving in-game player economy.

For Kepithor, this was the beginning of a new paradigm.

Four years after, Kingdom Karnage has grown from a singular title to an entire ecosystem of games. The latest release, ENJ Excavators, leverages the new tools of Enjin Blockchain.

Read more to discover the journey from Kingdom Karnage to the Kepithor Ecosystem.

Re-Imagining Trading Card Games (TCG)

Remember the thrill of trading cards on the school playground?

Kingdom Karnage brings this physical act into the digital realm, without trading restrictions enforced by traditional gaming studios. Next-generation tech makes this happen.

It does not matter whether you wish to fly the flag of humanity, undead hordes, or tribes of orcs—Kingdom Karnage goes far beyond your regular TCG experience.

By embracing the digital format, the game opens up new gameplay modes which are sure to keep you excited. Build a deck of 25 cards and create karnage across this new and exciting digital world:

  1. Dungeons: These limited-time challenges can be tackled both on your own, or with the help of others in a multiplayer setting. Play with friends and discover rewards from conquering in-game enemies.
  2. Player vs Player: Experience the thrill of real-time Player vs Player combat! Vanquish your opponents and claim a card permanently from their decks. Looting cards adds a twist to the deck building process and plays a crucial role in deck progression.

Beyond exciting gameplay, Kingdom Karnage brings a whole new gaming dimension with item (card) crafting.

Duplicate and replicate cards can be combined to create higher level cards with increased power, an essential part of the deck-building process. In addition, weapons and armor can be collected to boost characters, and enchanted cards can be earned as special rewards from endgame multiplayer events and dungeons.

All boosts, cards, and upgrades can be traded directly between players, encouraging an active, player-driven peer-to-peer trading community.

Kingdom Karnage is available for play on multiple formats including PC, Android, and iOS.

Integrating Enjin and Web3 Game Elements

Kingdom Karnage fully embraces the power of Web3 elements.

The game was one of the first Enjin ecosystem projects to move over to JumpNet, a previous Enjin-scaling solution developed to address the soaring transaction fees on Ethereum.

You can do more than just collect and disenchant in-game items.

By turning Web2 items into digital assets otherwise known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Kingdom Karnage empowers you to freely buy, sell, or trade with other players directly from your Web3 wallet.

This is a stark difference from Web2 games which encloses their game economies and keeps players trapped with their items.

Web3 tech paves the way for players to truly own their in-game items which they have invested countless hours and energy on. Furthermore, by expanding the economy outside the bounds of the game and its studios, Web3 tech infuses additional collector interest which allows players to get real value from the game.

Building an Ecosystem of Thrilling Titles

To add to their success with Kingdom Karnage, Kepithor has released a series of game expansions surrounding the original title.

Players may log in to the new titles using the same credentials from Kingdom Karnage, ensuring a seamless journey from one game to the other. The developers also cleverly designed multi-game utility with some assets (mainly Heroes and Dynamic characters) from Kingdom Karnage.

Through this integration a gaming multiverse comes to life!

  • Kingdom Karnage: Heroes: This is a free-to-play mobile strategy game where players engage in auto-battle with other players.
  • Kingdom Karnage: Clicker, a hyper-casual mining game where players try to mine as much in-game gems through manual tapping and purchasing of upgrades and boosts.
  • ENJ Excavators: To further mark their commitment to the Enjin ecosystem, Kepithor integrated ENJ Excavators on Enjin blockchain in February 2024 in 2 hours, an impressive feat!This hyper-casual and competitive game has attracted over 2,000 players within a week of their launch last March 7, 2024. Read more about it in the showcase.

The varied gameplay keeps players engaged and challenged with different game mechanics.

A Glimpse Into the Future

Kepithor continues to evolve and forge ahead in the Web3 industry. As part of embracing their new identity as growing Web3 ecosystem, they have planned a series of developments to keep their players excited.

  • Website Rebranding: The newly revamped website features not only their gaming ecosystem, but an invitation to collaborate. Interested parties are invited to launch gaming titles using Kepithor’s gaming toolkit.
  • Enjin Blockchain Full Integration: To further solidify its collaboration with the Enjin ecosystem, Kepithor will be moving all its Kingdom Karnage titles, assets, and game utility tokens to Enjin Blockchain. Players will experience the powerful benefits of the Enjin network.
  • Multiverse NFTs In-Game Utility: Once integrated with Enjin Blockchain, Kindom Karnage games will also implement utility for Enjin Multiverse NFTs. Holders will be deligted to know that their precious collections will gain another game ecosystem to deploy in.

These developments are just the tip of the iceberg in Kepithor’s Web3 journey.

ENJ Excavators is live on Google Play! Download now and unearth the rewards that await you!

Start building on Enjin Blockchain. Check out the platform for developers!

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