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The middle of the Beamgo Card is an NFT. The Beamgo Token (this NFT) is the middle of the Beamgo Card in every round. Every round the Beamgo Token holders are guaranteed to receive the unique NFT from the author from that round. That unique NFT will not be distributed in the free beams, nor it will be available for sale after the round.
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Phil Park transforms Bingo into an unforgettable experience with Beamgo

Since the launch of Enjin Blockchain in May 2023, Beam has delivered over 725,000 NFTs on Enjin Blockchain.

The proprietary QR code-based system has been the top tool for distributing and claiming NFTs.

More recently, Enjineers have unlocked Beam’s potential with a variety of use cases from airdropping Web3 game rewards to business marketing.

Phil Park is one such Enjineer.

The I.T. professional and father of three, has harnessed Beam’s powers to recreate the classic Bingo experience.

Beamgo: A bingo-inspired game built with Enjin Beam

Players only need Telegram, the Enjin Wallet, and Beam to play Beamgo for free.  

Instead of collecting numbers and having different playing cards, players possess the same card and gather NFTs with Beam. They must then form the necessary lines and combination to win.

Since the launch of NFT.io, Enjin wallet 2.0 and the Beams, I read a lot of documentation. So I saw a lot of opportunities, ideas, and I wanted to test it by my own.  I came up with the idea of Beamgo.
- PhilPark

Dive into the inaugural edition of the Creator Spotlight and discover the fascinating insights about  Phil Park.

Where Web3 and Gaming Collide

Like many Web3 participants, Phil Park entered the blockchain industry during challenging times.

After a series of lockdowns in 2020, Phil returned to the office where a colleague shared information about a recently purchased cryptocurrency.

Several years earlier, Phil had come across cryptocurrency but found it too inaccessible. However, circumstances had changed and it was time to get involved.

During his teenage years, he dominated  LAN parties of classic titles such as Counter Strike, Quake, and Call Of Duty. He naturally felt drawn to the Web3 gaming scene.

This passion for gaming eventually led him to Enjin.

They weren't the only ones in the gaming industry, but for me they stood out. The basic principles were right and I felt like they exuded gaming. A big reason why I believed in Enjin from the beginning was that they were accessible.

Phil tested multiple cryptocurrency wallets and ultimately chose Enjin Wallet. Its user-friendly design made it easy to store and send digital assets.

The Enjin community warmly embraced Phil.

Experienced Enjineers Scottie & Tasha and Chris offered valuable insights to help Phil quickly get up to speed.

During my early days I noticed a strong Enjin community. I felt at home there, and it became a kind of a family.

In no time, Phil Park collected his first batch of NFTs - Grumpy Faces by Souz Fusion.

The Grumpy Faces collection. Phil Park’s first Enjin NFTs.

Sticking with Enjin

Like many Enjin creators before him, collecting NFTs was just the first step. With a vibrant community of creators, the art became infectious.

Like-minded individuals inspired Phil Park to produce his first NFTs - Adorable Octies.

Adorable Octies by Phil Park

The octopus-inspired collection served as a starting point for Phil to learn about the technology behind NFTs. However, the excitement quickly faded.

As the overall Web3 market declined, Phil found himself in the midst of his first downturn. But he would not be deterred.

While many Web3 participants left the scene at this time, Phil took this as an opportunity to focus  on the underlying technology. He also searched for projects that continued to build regardless of the market environment.

He observed how the Enjin ecosystem continued to develop and release new features such as NFT.io and Wallet 2.0.

For me that was all a confirmation of why I felt for Enjin. They stand for an accessible wallet, with emphasis on the (gaming) NFT industry, and do what they tell.

During this period Phil also saw the adoption of Artificial Intelligence art.

After learning AI tools and combining the outputs with Photoshop / Illustrator, the budding creator released the 2nd collection - Awesome Octopus.

Constructing a Web3 Game with Beam

With the Enjin community rallying behind him, Phil Park began to work on his most ambitious project yet - a Web3 game using Enjin Beam.

Sample Beamgo card

Beamgo uses the technology of Enjin Blockchain for token minting, storing and sending tokens with Enjin Wallet and Beams. Meanwhile, the user-interface is built with a Telegram Bot with the backend written in NODE.JS.

Think of the game as a digital treasure hunt, where players remain on the lookout to collect the necessary Beams.

Beamgo Telegram Bot

Here’s a high level summary of the game:

  1. Beamgo cards are composed of 25 tiles.
  2. Each round is made up of 25 Beams, each Beam contains 240 claims.
  3. Beams are posted at random times in the Beamgo Telegram group.
  4. A player can only claim once per Beam.
  5. Players must form a Beamgo line (diagonal, vertical, or horizontal) or collect the full set of 25 tiles.
  6. To claim the win, a player just need to chat with the Beamgo bot. An administrator will then check the validity of the win.
  7. The winning player receives a prize in the form of cryptocurrency or NFTs.
Beamgo bot reads the registered Wallet

The Beamgo bot reads the player’s registered Enjin Wallet and detects the claimed Beams. By reading the token ID of each digital asset, the bot can map out which tiles the player has crossed out.

Furthermore, Phil Park has introduced an extra set of mechanics to spice-up the game:

  • Featured Artist - artists are invited to design each round. This creative collaboration allows Enjin ecosystem artists to reach a broader audience by showcasing their designs on Beamgo.
  • Beamgo Token - a bonus NFT that sits in the center of the card. Only players holding a Beamgo Token can win with the full 25 tile card. Interested players may purchase Beamgo Tokens on NFT.io
  • Tickets - at the start of each round, a player may purchase Beamgo Tickets from NFT.io which will generate a random number. They may help fill out the tiles.

The project has made significant progress since its public announcement last September 2023. Phil has successfully set up the Beamgo Telegram Bot and its backend. After conducting a few more tests, Phil will launch the game in Q2 2024.

Looking Ahead

It is impressive to think that a single person has accomplished all of this work - from releasing NFT collections to building a game.

Fellow Enjin community members can look to Phil’s example. Anyone with the right mindset and tools can go on to become an accomplished creator.

For me this project is a good way to learn the technical possibilities from Enjin. And with this knowledge I want to help other people, and to let people see the light like I did some years ago.
Phil Park
Creator of Beamgo
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