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November 20, 2023

Power Your Creativity with Enjin Beam

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Power Your Creativity with Enjin Beam
Enjin community creators use Beam to create exciting new experiences for their audience.

Enjin Beam is Enjin Blockchain’s proprietary QR code-based distribution system that facilitates mass distribution of digital assets. It is the perfect tool for Web3 mass adoption.

Since it’s debut in late 2018, Beam has sent over 650,000 NFTs on Enjin Blockchain.

Creators can mint thousands of NFTs in a few clicks with Beam. They can also distribute their QR codes to their audience on social media channels such as X, Discord, and Telegram.

With a smartphone camera and Enjin Wallet 2.0, users can quickly scan the QR codes and receive NFT from creators.

While Beam has been a powerful distribution tool, creators have used it to produce innovative and exciting experiences for their audience.

This blog entry highlights how various Enjin creators have been using Beam beyond NFT distribution.

1. Create a game

Creators use Beam to make games. Didn’t think of that one, did you?

Beamgo combines Beam technology with Bingo game mechanics

Beamgo - an Enjin Beam-powered game

Beamgo is a free-to-play game inspired by Beam and the classic Bingo, brought to you by PhilPark_NFT.

Unlike the traditional Bingo, the game works as follows:

  • Every participant uses the same base “card”
  • Instead of crossing out numbers, players must gather the correct NFTs
  • Players receive the NFTs through the creators’ beams.

As of writing, the game is still under-development and players eagerly wait for its launch.

Beam fuels exciting player experiences

Beyond Bingo-like games, Beam can expand to other game types.

Imagine you’re at a mall and the operator has organized a treasure hunt. The winner of the competition gets 90% off at their favorite fashion brand. The rules are as follows:

  1. The treasure’s location is given through a riddle.
  2. To decode the riddle, players must locate and scan physical Beams hidden throughout various shops.
  3. Each unique Beam contains a part of the riddle.
  4. Once all Beams have been claimed, the player can make a well-educated guess on the location.

The Beams can be multi-functional as well:

  1. A Beam is found in a travel luggage store.
  2. Beams claimed from this store can be used as a discount coupon.

Not only does the event generate customer excitement, but it can lead to additional revenue for participating businesses.

Game creation for Beam is still in its infancy and only the future knows how else creators will use the tool.

2. Curate your audience

Beam Map gives insights into your audience

Beam Map from DjLef on X

Every Beam creator receives a Beam Map which shows the geographical distribution of Beam claimants. Creators can use this data for targeted artwork and marketing.

Not getting enough love from Asia? Then a creator can interact with more Asian communities or make NFTs with Asian inspirations.

Similarly, if most claimants are coming from Greece, then a creator can double down on this audience with a collection on ancient Greek mythology.

Conditional Beams specifies which audience to reach

Very soon, insights from the Beam Map can be combined with Conditional Beams.

Conditional Beams sneak peek, from X

Anyone on the internet can claim a Beam. The QR code can be shared around social media leading to claims from people around the world.

With Conditional Beams, a creator can apply filters and specify their target Beam claimant.

Let’s say a creator wants to reward their early supporters from Japan:

  1. A country-level filter is applied.
  2. Only holders of the creator’s first ever collection are eligible.

With these simple filters, the audience whom is meant to receive the Beam has a higher probability of claiming it.

3. Airdrop NFT Game Rewards

The Etherscape Beam campaign, on Youtube

Game developers use beam to drop rewards to players

The Etherscape is an up coming Rogue-like game powered by Enjin Blockchain. Developed by indie game developer SamtheBay, players go on an adventure and fight through dungeons.

The Etherscape recently appeared in the Dev Dairies series. Viewers who reached the end of the third video got first dibs to an exclusive in-game item.

Just as the QR code was posted on Youtube, game developers can place beam campaigns within their social media channels.

By applying a conditional claim (i.e. on the game’s NFT access pass), then a developer can limit the rewards to players only.

Beam enables innovative in-game quests

Taking it a step further, game developers can hide beam campaigns within the game. These secret beams reveal highly-collectible Easter Eggs (hidden features within games).

Batman Arkham Asylum easter egg - the Arkham City map, image from Den of Geek

In-game Beams can open up numerous side quests and add to overall game time. To spice things up, game developers can limit the Beam claims to make players rush to finish these missions.

4. Grow your following

Given the ultra-low transaction fees, creators have used beam campaigns to make a name for themselves in the digital sphere.

Creators use Beam to grow their audience

Beam Campaign from Steven Dutenhoefner, on X

Steven Dutenhoefner is a German gamer that used beam to grow his first 1,000 followers on X.

Steven uses Artificial Intelligence to create images on the blockchain. A rich storyline backs each creation, bringing the NFTs to life. He shares these creations via Beam on his various social media channels such as X and Telegram.

The audience response has been very supportive and Steven has become a household name within the Enjin community.

As of writing, Steven has surpassed his initial goal and now has 1,100 followers on X.

Beam campaigns for all seasons

Halloween Beam campaign, from Alfo_Nel on X

Luis Valiñas, known as Alfo nel is a Venezuelan Enjin community creator.

The retired former accountant self-learnt blockchain concepts at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

He recently created a spooky-themed NFT collection to celebrate the Halloween season. He disseminated this with Beam on X.

In addition, he occasionally creates special Beams to honor fellow creators and handpicked followers. Collaborating with other top creators allows you to share in and increase your audience.

5. Engage business customers

Business owners have harnessed the power of NFTs and Beam to create excitement for their customers.

HapiNFT, powered by Enjin Beam, from X

Hapifam is a Malaysian product line that focuses on cereals for mothers and children.

In 2022, AstraBaby, the company behind Hapifam, used Enjin Beam to make a QR-based customer loyalty program.

AstraBaby randomly placed 4,000 scratch cards into their products. When a customer scratches the card, a Beam QR code is revealed. A customer scans the QR code and receives the NFT in their Enjin wallet.

HapiNFT claim process, from Hapifam
  • 1x HapiHeroes Natural Baby Cereal
  • Depending on the number of Beams claimed, a customer gets access to the following rewards:
  • Free Astra Family membership
  • 12x HapiHeroes cereal box
  • Limited entry for future lucky draw
  • Free invitation to special events

With the help of Enjin Beam, businesses can turn its customers into loyal fans - all made possible without complex onboarding processes.


As the Web3 industry continuously grows, creators will need to further engage their audience. Enjin, with its suite of tools, waits readily to support these needs.

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