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WeHop demonstrates the power of storytelling and community-building on Enjin

We stay hoppin'.

As the pioneer in NFTs and Web3 gaming, Enjin Blockchain has fostered many innovative projects that blend creativity, technology, and community engagement.

In recent weeks, WeHopNFT stands out as a promising NFT collection.

The project mint, which is taking place from May 13 to 20, 2024 has met initial success. The first two 1/1 Auctions successfully closed at sale prices above 1,000 ENJ coin.

The Spirit Samurai auctioned off for 1,000 ENJ with "enjingod" claiming the highest bid.

Founded by Sneaks, a veteran Web3 community builder and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holder, WeHopNFT centers around "Hop," an adorable rabbit on a journey through the land of WeHop. The project emphasizes storytelling, gamification, and collaborations. These factors have created intense demand for the highly-coveted HopList.

WeMint Details

WeHop mint details

With NFT.io, Enjin’s premier NFT marketplace, WeHop creates a variety of buyer experiences that caters to all kinds of users.

Phase 1: The first phase consists of several 1/1 Auctions on NFT.io. Buyers engage in a 24-hour bidding war to win the highly coveted NFTs. Not only is each 1/1 unique, but they come with a complimentary NFT companion.

The first 1/1 auction kicked off on May 13 at 7 AM UTC, with the final 1/1 auction concluding on May 20 at 7 AM UTC.

Phase 2: The second phase utilizes a Presale process for active community members that qualified for a Hoplist or Enjineer role. Buyers send 10 ENJ to a dedicated WeHop Enjin Matrixchain Address and are guaranteed an NFT. Upon end of the presale, buyers will be able to claim their NFTs through an Enjin Beam drop.

Presale submissions opened on May 13 (7 AM UTC) and will close on May 19 (7 AM UTC).

Phase 3: The third and final phase is dedicated to a Public Sale. Although the purchase price is slightly higher at 20 ENJ, any member from the Enjin Ecosystem can purchase a WeHop NFT from NFT.io.

The Public Sale opens after Phase 1.

The three mint phases ensure inclusive community participation with different price points and experiences for all kinds of buyers.

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Project Differentiators

WeHopNFT is out to establish itself as a premier NFT collection by engaging users with its immersive world while giving back to the Enjineers.

Captivating Storytelling

A rich storyline awaits the audience as they follow Hop on his adventures. The project's narrative unfolds across seasons, with new chapters and content being released as the seasons shift.

This seasonal structure introduces a unique and dynamic rhythm to the project, keeping the story fresh and encouraging consistent engagement. Each new challenge and reward is introduced with a narrative, inviting collectors to invest themselves in Hop's world.

Collaboration and Outreach

WeHopNFT's collaboration with other Enjin communities demonstrates its commitment to building a broad and inclusive audience. By partnering with well-known collections, the project taps into diverse user bases, expanding its reach while reinforcing its identity as a collaborative project.

Some partner collections:

Collectors of the respective NFT collections gain access to the special Enjineer role by connecting their Enjin wallets in the WeHop Discord. The Enjin Discord Bot facilitates the seamless wallet connection, all of which is completed within 2 seconds.

Holders of the Enjineer role get opportunities to participate in raffles and special activities within the Discord.

Gamification and Hop Leaderboard

WeHopNFT integrates gamified elements, creating an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional NFT collection.

The "Hop Leaderboard" leverages on the latest innovations such as The Engage Bot to generate off-chain points and deliver rewards. Participants earn points by climbing the ranks through social media challenges. Members then exchange points with tangible products such as a HopList or a special Hop NFT.

Leaderboard and corresponding rewards

The competitive spirit fostered by this leaderboard not only enhances user engagement but also cultivates a sense of achievement and recognition among participants.

WeHop Utility

Rather than release a roadmap, Sneaks has focused on premium art and community-building. Each Hop NFT is hand-drawn and provides holder-exclusive perks and benefits, including weekly ENJ and Enjin NFT giveaways.

In addition, mint proceeds will go towards contributing to the overall security of Enjin Blockchain through governance and staking. Staking rewards will then be used to fund community initiatives.

As the pioneer in Enjin cross-project collaborations, the project will also secure future partnerships with Enjin communities.

Sneaks has alluded to an Enjin Creators in Residence Campaign. The first of its kind to hit the Ecosystem, the program is an intensive creator class where attendees will learn how to create their own NFT collection. WeHop holders will be first in line to receive NFTs from these rising creators.

With WeHop, we aim to foster a strong community of like-minded Enjineers leading a new frontier of PFP NFTs in the Enjin Ecosystem.
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