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Offering Tools to Supercharge Growth for Enjin Ecosystem Partners

With thousands of games and decentralized apps competing for attention in the Web3 space, the ability to successfully foster community growth is a highly competitive challenge.

That's where Wobbl3 steps in. Its viral growth solutions work on top of NFTs and tokens on Enjin Blockchain. With Wobbl3’s no-code tools, projects can empower their communities to earn valuable rewards in exchange for promoting the project, creating content and referring new users.

Wobbl3’s advanced analytics allows projects to effortlessly track performance and reward key community leaders in real-time.

Wobbl3 is now formally announcing its entry into the Enjin Ecosystem and heralding a new era of growth and value creation amongst Enjin adopters. Ecosystem partners are invited to leverage Wobbl3’s powerful tools to drive measurable growth, fast.

Battle-Tested Web3 Founders

The team behind Wobbl3 brings a wealth of Web3 experience from their journey with Soundpickr, a Web3 tech company that set out to revolutionize on-chain royalties for the music industry.

The NFT music company made waves when it created the first EuroVision NFT song. The initiative exposed countless fans of the international song competition to the Web3 industry.

As for experience in the Enjin Ecosystem, Soundpickr has been dabbling with its partners since 2023.

In July 2023, Soundpickr partnered with Alterverse to integrate music into the latter’s metaverse. Players gained a more personalized and richer gaming experience.

In return, Alterverse granted Soundpickr a storefront within the Sky City Metaverse which could be used for the music NFT company’s community for events and virtual meetups.

In August 2023, Soundpickr and Kingdom Karnage partnered to bring music to the latter’s Web3 game. On a grander scale, the joint initiative showcased the potential of cross-industry collaboration within the thriving UK Web3 scene.

Fast forward to 2024, and the visionaries from Soundpickr have joined forces to create Wobbl3. Their mission - to empower Web3 brands with cutting-edge loyalty and referral programs, supercharging community engagement and incentivizing active participation.

Supercharge Your Community
Wobbl3 and Enjin have partnered up to empower and catalyze the Enjin Ecosystem.
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Empowering Enjineers with Web3 Community Tools

Wobbl3's suite of solutions acts as a force multiplier for marketing efforts across the Enjin Ecosystem.

On-Chain Affiliate Programs

Marketing and distribution pose significant challenges to any game developer or NFT creator. Some of the more successful Web3 projects of today have tackled these issues by empowering their community as brand ambassadors.

With Mintboss, you can swiftly deploy an on-chain marketing program for inviting others to participate in app usage and NFT drops.

Mintboss has been used extensively in the NFT music industry by the likes of acclaimed Italian musician Violetta Zironi and rising country Latino artist Sammy Arriaga.

The Gypsy Heart is an NFT collection by Violetta Zironi that grants holders lifetime access to the artist’s concerts among numerous other utility. The collection utilized Mintboss’ smart contract, allowing community members to instantly generate affiliate links for the NFT mint.

Each time an NFT was purchased using the member’s Mintboss link, the respective member received a share of the NFT proceeds.

These partnerships not only drove engagement but also introduced countless fans to the potential of Web3, showcasing the power of Wobbl3's solution.

Social Farming Systems

In today’s digital landscape, attention is the ultimate currency.

Recent Web3 projects like Portal have harnessed social farming to gamify their marketing process and reach hundreds of thousands in engaged followers.

Each time a registered user posted on X with the tag Portal, they earned off-chain points based on their engagement and reach on X. These points placed users into a competitive leaderboard, which culminated in a rewarding cryptocurrency airdrop.

Wobbl3 creates powerful systems that leverage fungible and non-fungible tokens on Enjin Blockchain to reward content creators and expand communities.

The solution boasts advanced features such as:

  • Tweet Scheduler: Empowering community members to engage with brand content promptly.
  • Tiered Boosters: Following the footsteps of Portal, the system rewards users based on their engagement levels, with higher impressions and engagements yielding more points.
  • Collection Multipliers: Community members receive point multipliers based on the NFTs they possess, enabling creators and game developers to target specific audiences with collections like Enjin Iggy.

Liquidity Programs for NFT Collections

With FloorGuard, NFT creators can drive liquidity to their collection, enhancing the trading experience of collectors.

The self-managed and self-custodial solution is built to interact with your project’s wallet, enabling you to keep absolute ownership over your NFTs.

FloorGuard is compatible with most major marketplaces and can be adapted to any custom marketplace.

Take your Web3 Project to the Next Level

This partnership between Enjin Blockchain and Wobbl3 is a strategic move to empower and catalyze growth for games, apps, and NFT projects within the Enjin Ecosystem. By harnessing Wobbl3’s specialized Web3 tools and services, Enjin developers and creators are poised for increased community engagement and accelerated innovation.

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