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Introducing EnjinCraft

Learn more about creating, using, and trading
blockchain assets in Minecraft.

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Supercharge your Minecraft server with blockchain tech.
Link Wallets

Automatically create codes that players can use to link their blockchain wallet to your Minecraft server.

Show Balance

Enable players to check their real-time Enjin Coin and Ethereum balance in Minecraft's user interface.

Items & Permissions

Provide special items and permissions to players
based on the blockchain assets they own.

Console Commands

Easily send blockchain assets to your players via Minecraft's console commands.


Enable players to trade blockchain assets peer-to-peer via a simple GUI, without ever leaving the game.

Open Source

Study, use, improve, and modify EnjinCraft's source code to get exactly the features you need.

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Embark on an interdimensional
journey in Minecraft and beyond.

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