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Go! By Health Hero

Take your health to the next level with well-being NFTs.
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Health Hero’s mission is simple: to bring health and happiness to over 1 billion people.

Taking digital health engagement to the next level, the company has created "Go! By Health Hero," an NFT-powered wellness app that is actuating a new category of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Well-Being NFTs ("W-NFTs").

Designed to inspire and motivate, W-NFTs evolve dynamically based on each user's activity and milestones, collecting data from health tracking devices and apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, FitBit, Wyze Band, and Garmin.

W-NFTs are generated to reflect each individual user's unique health and activity characteristics. As activity is logged in the app, the corresponding W-NFT acquires new traits and features, making it ever more unique and rare.

"With well-being and activity data, we are creating a new blockchain layer where we are driving health engagement and placing that on the blockchain, allowing us to have more secure and personal activity data for our users."

— Anthony Diaz, CEO & Founder of Health Hero, Inc.

The playful, gamified tokens are being rolled out through Health Hero's Global Challenges platform, a global wellness community that encourages users to stay on track via competitions and leaderboards.

Once logged in, users are greeted by a simple dashboard. With just a few clicks, they can create and log daily activity stats, joining an ambitious, supportive community that takes pride in healthy lifestyles and social interactions.

To extend their reach to the blockchain community, Health Hero introduced the W-NFT to its Global Challenges platform using Telegram as a point of entry, where users can create their custom tokens.

Once the Health Hero bot onboards a user, it creates an initial W-NFT that evolves as the user becomes increasingly active. Users can then build scarcity around their assets, which can even be traded on the open market.

"W-NFTs will become the new norm in a new world of digital assets that are driven by users themselves and their own well-being."

With usability and gamified digital experiences at its core, the Enjin ecosystem complements Go! By Health Hero seamlessly, enabling a new upgradeable NFT concept that anyone can enjoy—without the burden of gas fees.

To date, Health Hero is being used by 38,000 companies globally, many of which are Fortune 2000 members. To make it easier for partner companies to support the well-being of their staff, Health Hero has active partnerships with Microsoft, Slack, and Salesforce. Its wellness tools are also compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram.

As a leader in modern health engagement, Health Hero is putting a new spin on wellness, bringing a rewarding experience to the flourishing blockchain community and beyond.

So hop on that spin bike, take some time to meditate, and get your steps in. W-NFTs are your new wellness partner!

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