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December 13, 2022

Enjin Wallet & Web Wallet FAQ

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Enjin Wallet & Web Wallet FAQ
Learn the answers to most raised topics from the Enjin community

The Enjin team and the entire community celebrate a significant milestone with a double release just before the year comes to a close! We hope everyone is having a blast using the eagerly anticipated features of the new Enjin Wallet and claiming beams via the Web Wallet.

Here is a brief FAQ for the Enjin Wallet and the Web Wallet that the support team put together from the most commonly asked queries and complaints.

Enjin Wallet [2.0]

I can’t claim the First Efinity Community Beam! NFT

Keep in mind that you may only claim this NFT once; if you attempt to claim it again after already having done so successfully, an error message will appear.

If you happen to be stuck at the “Manage Wallet” portion of the Wallet, you’re already halfway there! To successfully claim the NFT, you will need an Efinity address to store the NFT. In order to generate an Efnity address in your wallet, make sure to add the Efinity blockchain. Your NFT should now be in your wallet!

I’m missing my NFTs! What should I do?

Things to ask yourself: Which blockchain is it a part of? Do you have this blockchain on your list of wallets?

If you're looking for JumpNet NFTs, for instance, it's advisable to see if the JumpNet blockchain has already been added to your wallet. Check this guide out if necessary: Adding a Blockchain / Addresses.

If you are certain you have previously added JumpNet to your wallet, you might only need to make a quick adjustment on the “Collectibles” tab. Are you on the right network? Here’s how you can switch: How to change networks when viewing collectibles.

I want to reset my password

There is no password reset button for your Enjin Wallet. What you need is your 12-word recovery phrase to restore your wallet. Check out I forgot my Enjin Wallet 2.0 Password! For the complete guide.

I can’t find my other tokens

By default, importing a wallet will automatically add all supported tokens with non-zero balances except for Efinity, Bitcoin, and Ethereum (Mainnet) as these are always included regardless if you have a balance or not.

If you’re looking to manually add a token, here’s how: How to add a Token to a wallet
: For custom tokens, this feature is in progress for inclusion.

My language is not supported

Currently, only English, Filipino, Romanian, and Japanese are supported by Enjin Wallet 2.0. We're working to add more languages to make using your wallet easier!

I used to authenticate with biometrics now it always asks for a password!

The new Enjin Wallet's security mode is via password by default, but you can easily switch it to biometrics mode in the Security Settings of your wallet.

No update received from iOS

The iOS version of Enjin Wallet 2.0 is still in the works and shall be available soon! The Android version is now available to download free here.

Web Wallet

I claimed the First Efinity Community Beam! NFT, now what?

Well, congratulations! Take a moment to cherish that special NFT and be sure to migrate it to the Enjin Wallet app.

It says I’m receiving the First Efinity Community Beam! NFT but still not here

You might have been affected by the recent technical issue experienced when claiming using the Web Wallet. If you happen to be notified that the NFT is “receiving” for a while, we advise you to try reclaiming again from the campaign link.

That’s all for the FAQ! But the building and improving doesn’t stop! Expect more features to be added in the coming weeks and stay tuned on our socials to get the latest updates.

We want to know your thoughts. Tweet and tag us @enjin @enjinsupport for any feedback or suggestions!

Can’t find answers from the FAQ? Check our new and complete Help Center: enjin.io/help

Need more help? Reach us at enjin.io/support and we’ll assist you accordingly.

Enjin Wallet & Web Wallet FAQ
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