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Binance.US is America’s home to buy, trade, and earn digital assets including Bitcoin. We deliver the lowest fees to move USD into over 30 different cryptocurrencies instantly. We continue to evaluate new cryptocurrencies to list on Binance.US that follow our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, community feedback, and market demand.
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Learn about the Binance.US NFTreat that packs tricks in 5 games.

Launched in September 2019, Binance.US brought the powerful trading tech and rich user experience of Binance to America, creating a trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for the notoriously nuanced market.

Fast forward to July 2020. With an ongoing worldwide pandemic and a national holiday nearing, people were looking for anything to bring excitement and joy.

To celebrate a not-so-traditional Independence Day during COVID-19 times, Binance.US (inspired by its global parent company) decided to mint and give away a limited series of patriotic, Binance.US-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This educational engagement campaign encouraged users to learn about tokens listed on the Binance.US exchange (in this case, Enjin Coin), and complete various tasks to grow the community.

In return, users would receive a limited-run NFT from the Binance.US collection.

This successful 4th of July holiday campaign set the stage for an even greater festive collaboration in the coming months: The Boonance.US Halloween NFT.

This spooky collectible was distributed to a devoted community of crypto-enthusiasts, rewarding them for engagement with a random-draw giveaway and Beam QR codes, which were posted on the Binance.US Instagram account throughout the campaign.

More than just a haunting collectible, the Boonance.US NFT can actually be used  in five different games—offering their audience of collectors a glimpse at the potential NFTs truly hold.

Five unique games from different platforms banded together to utilize the Boonance.US token in their digital worlds:

Morphing into 4 styles of pumpkin wearables and 1 nightmarish sword, the Boonance NFT showcases one of the most exciting aspects of blockchain-based assets: their dynamic nature, and the various forms they can take on in different games.

Here's how this Binance.US-branded token took on a life of its own across the Multiverse, delivering 5 unique gaming experiences through the power of NFTs:

9Lives Arena: A wearable pumpkin head for your faithful tokenized minion, "Ooogy," who works for you 24/7 in the PvP RPG 9Lives Arena.


Forest Knight: Anything but sugar-coated, this blade will carve up your foes in true Halloween fashion in turn-based mobile strategy game Forest Knight.


MyMetaverse: Smoldering with the power of lost souls, this wearable pumpkin mask leaves a trail of spectral smoke in your wake in the MyMetaverse Minecraft server.


The Six Dragons: Equip this pumpkin helmet for some spooky flair as you battle mighty Dragons in an open-world RPG built for PC and PlayStation.


Bitcoin Hodler: Blaze across the charts in spooktacular fashion with the Flamin' Pumpkin in mobile arcade game, Bitcoin Hodler. Happy Hodlween!

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