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Fuel your passion for Beams with ENJ Beam Club

ENJ Beam Club, founded by OG Enjineer Spitfire, represents a vibrant sub-community of the Enjin Ecosystem. This community-driven Telegram and X Group is a melting pot for everyone who is passionate about Enjin NFTs and games.

Scrolling through ENJ Beam Club Telegram

The community was inspired by the launch of NFT.io and the unveiling of the Beam feature, Enjin’s proprietary QR code-based digital asset mass distribution tool. With a smartphone and camera, anyone can claim a Beam.

The QR code system also democratizes the creation process, making digital asset creation accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.

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Why You Should Join ENJ Beam Club

As a member on ENJ Beam Club, you gain access to a repository of QR Beams. You can then claim NFTs immediately after they are released. This eliminates the need to scour multiple social media platforms or hound NFT.io continuously. The group ensures that you never miss out on new opportunities.

However, ENJ Beam Club goes beyond an NFT claiming community.

Exclusive Benefits and Collaborations

Joining ENJ Beam Club opens up benefit designed to enhance your engagement with the NFT space. The club’s initiatives, when members hold the Founders Token, offer members unique airdrops, collaboration opportunities, and additional utilities.

On the 1st of every month, there is a lucky draw for all Founders Token holders where the can win rewards and NFTs.

The Enjin Legacy collection as found on NFT.io

Spitfire has started by airdropping holders with the Enjin Legacy collection. These digital assets commemorate several classic Enjin NFTs.

Founders Token collectors have also been delighted with partnerships within the Enjin Ecosystem. Holders, whom connected with the Enjin Discord Bot in the WeHop server, received the coveted Enjineer role. This privilege granted one an allowlist to the WeHop mint.

Community Support

Integration of BeamWeb, by Xproe from the Enjin Greece community, transforms the user experience by gamifying the claim process.

When users like, dislike, and post Beams, the bot rewards them with BeamWeb Tokens (BET).

BET serves as the main utility token of the BeamWeb bot. It is used to pay transactional fees of asset transfers for the bot.

BeamWeb integration with ENJ Beam Club

In a way, the BeamWeb bot also acts as a bridge that connects one community to another. ENJ Beam Club members keep up to date with the last artwork of Enjin Community Greece, another Telegram-based sub-community.

ENJ Beam Club is also trying to support up and coming creators by linking their social media profiles in the group. Interested followers can easily follow and find them.

Learning Opportunities

Lastly, members of ENJ Beam Club, have access to a wealth of educational materials that help them navigate the complex world of NFTs and blockchain technology.

With Spitfire actively leading at the helm, members gain first hand access to his extensive knowledge. Other community members, whether on Telegram or X also contribute to group’s learnings.

Once can find numerous stories of how a currently active Enjin creator had been onboarded by another Enjin community member.

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