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June 7, 2024

Enjin Coin 95% Unlocked: June 2024 Token Supply Update

Enjin Coin 95% Unlocked: June 2024 Token Supply Update
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After the 2023 launch of Enjin Blockchain, Enjin Coin’s total supply is effectively 95% unlocked as of May 31, 2024.

Enjin Coin was never a “low float” token; 80% was immediately distributed at launch to the community according to the 2017 Enjin Coin whitepaper.

After the 2023 launch of Enjin Blockchain, Enjin Coin’s total supply is effectively 95% unlocked as of May 31, 2024, with 88% of total supply unlocked and an additional 7% accounted for by the remaining 50% of Early Governance Rewards unlocking and being distributed to the community through October 2024.

Token Supply as of May 31, 2024

Please note that Subscan shows mainnet ENJ reserved for holder migrations as locked because these tokens have not yet been claimed on Enjin Blockchain. Subscan thus shows a much higher percentage of locked tokens, even if the relevant tokens are received unlocked following migration of ERC-20 tokens.

88% of mainnet ENJ is unlocked as of May 31, 2024, following a 50% unlock of Early Governance Rewards and 100% unlock of the Ecosystem Pool. 96% of mainnet ENJ is expected to be unlocked by October 15, 2024, after the 100% unlock of Early Governance Rewards.

Enjin Blockchain is a mature token ecosystem with an almost completely unlocked token supply, except for the remaining 50% of the Early Governance Rewards (7% of total supply) still being distributed to community participants through October 2024 and a small percentage of special community pools. Almost 20% of total supply is staked as part of governance as of June 7, 2024, based on Subscan data.

See “Enjin Blockchain 2024 Token Supply and Unlock Update” (December 30, 2023) for the discussion of the Enjin Blockchain token supply breakdown prior to the launch of Enjin Blockchain and token migration, and the background of Early Governance Rewards.

Holder Migration and Early Governance Rewards Unlocks

1 billion out of the initial 1.75 billion supply of mainnet Enjin Coin (ENJ) was reserved for the migration of holders of ERC-20 ENJ, which had a fixed supply of 1 billion. An additional 100 million ENJ was reserved for the migration of holders of Efinity tokens from initial purchases in 2021. These tokens were 100% unlocked when Enjin Blockchain launched.

Further, Enjin Blockchain was created with a 250 million ENJ early governance rewards pool to facilitate proof of stake by incentivizing migrating holders to participate in governance and validator oversight. 50% of this pool has been unlocked, with the remainder to be released in 5 equal unlocks of 25 million ENJ each, on approximately the 15th of each month from June to October 2024.

Each interval between unlocks will be 30 eras in Enjin Blockchain or approximately 30 calendar days. An era in Enjin Blockchain is approximately 24 hours.

Ecosystem Pool Unlock

The ecosystem pool fully unlocked in May 2024. This pool is intended to support the development of Enjin Blockchain and its ecosystem.

Staking and Pools Unlock

The staking pool will fully unlock by May 2031, and monthly unlocks are summarized:

Unlocked staking pool ENJ as of May 31, 2024 represents only approximately 36,750,000 million ENJ, or 2% of total supply as of May 31, 2024.

Company and Team Pools Unlock

The company pool will fully unlock by May 2026 and approximately 3.6% (1,666,666.67 ENJ) of the pool unlocks linearly each month.

The team pool will fully unlock by July 2025 and approximately 3.8% (1,041,666.67 ENJ) of the pool unlocks linearly each month.

Recipients may be subject to individual restrictions, typically over a 5-year period, separate from the team pool unlock schedule of Enjin Blockchain. Team pool ENJ is thus not necessarily transferred to recipients at the time of unlock.

Unlocked company pool and team pool ENJ as of May 31, 2024 represent only approximately 40 million ENJ and 14 million ENJ, or 3% of total supply as of May 31, 2024.


Enjin Blockchain has a token inflation at a rate of 4.8927482% per annum, with new tokens released per era or approximately daily. Mainnet ENJ inflation supports network governance and validators. 58.7 million tokens were added to the supply of Enjin Blockchain through May 31, 2024, and were distributed to nominators and validators in network governance.

Read: Enjin Blockchain “Triple Migration” Successful; 51% Complete in First 60 Days

Oscar Franklin Tan (press@enjin.io) is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Officer and Isabel Guidote-Pangalangan is the General Counsel of Atlas Development Services, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain.

Enjin Coin 95% Unlocked: June 2024 Token Supply Update
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