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May 21, 2024

Announcing Quick Wallet: Claim Enjin NFTs Anytime, Anywhere

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Announcing Quick Wallet: Claim Enjin NFTs Anytime, Anywhere
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Using Quick Wallet, claim an eligible Enjin Beam even without having the Enjin Wallet installed yet.

Introducing Quick Wallet

To scale Web3 technology to the masses, ease of access and user-friendly interfaces are paramount.

Enjin Blockchain, as part of its commitment to pioneering the Web3 space, continues to re-imagine the user experience with its latest feature — Quick Wallet.

Quick Wallets Demo

These centrally managed virtual wallets allow users to claim an eligible Enjin Beam even without having the Enjin Wallet installed. Users may claim the Beam for free via Email or with Enjin Wallet at a later point in time with a securely generated code.

Within the Enjin Ecosystem, Quick Wallet expands your audience to users that may encounter Web3 for the very first time.

  1. Non-Enjin wallet users: While users may be Web3 native, they may not be familiar with the Enjin Ecosystem. Participants can claim the Beam now and download the Enjin Wallet later, leaving ample time to decide whether or not to enter the Ecosystem.
  2. Traditional Web2 markets: By utilizing the Email option, a Web2 user can claim the Beam with a method that they are already familiar with. Once they are more comfortable with Web3 technology, they can then download Enjin Wallet and get hold of the Beam.

This important feature potentially onboards millions into the Enjin Ecosystem. Quick Wallet greatly reduces friction in the NFT claiming process, making the entry into the Ecosystem smoother and more appealing for newcomers.

Announcing Quick Wallet: Claim Enjin NFTs Anytime, Anywhere
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Re-Imagining the Web3 Landscape

Gone are the days where users are forced to sit down and deal with all the complexities of Web3. Quick Wallet works in the background and introduce a seamless user journey.

Beam claim through Email
  1. Leveraging Email: There are over 4 billion active email users worldwide, accounting for more than 50% of the world’s population. By introducing an Email-claim option, Quick Wallet offers users a highly familiar route. This accessibility allows even those with minimal exposure to blockchain technology to engage easily and securely with NFTs.‍
  2. Streamlined User Experience: Quick Wallet is perfect whether you are internet surfing on your laptop or holding your mobile on the go. NFT claims via simple QR codes and confirmation numbers means that users can quickly engage with their assets. Then, at their convenience, these users can transfer the NFTs to a more permanent wallet.‍
  3. Enhanced Security and Trust: Quick Wallet provides a secure, low-risk entry point for new users into the world of NFTs. By managing the technical aspects of asset storage, Enjin ensures that security measures are robust and consistently updated. This controlled environment not only builds trust but also enables users to focus on exploring and enjoying their digital assets without the fear of making a critical mistake.

The Quick Wallet feature marks a significant shift towards a more inclusive and accessible Web3 environment. Users navigate the initial complexities of Web3 with ease and confidence.

Diversified Use Cases

Quick Wallet shines in places where you’d like to introduce digital assets but are unsure if your user has an Enjin Wallet app installed. This could apply in both online and physical settings which makes Quick Wallet all the more powerful.

  1. Online Marketing: Quick Wallet allows you to market your game and creations across a wide range of digital channels. Whether on newsletters or on social media channels, the claim link embeds itself seamlessly into your content. Envision that you have published an email newsletter series on How to Grow Your Web3 Brand.The audience, coming from the biggest networks from Enjin Blockchain to Solana and Ethereum, is adept at signing up for and claiming marketing initiatives conducted similarly with email.To reward loyal readers, you create a commemorative NFT with Quick Wallets. As the newsletter is already done with email, the audience is adept at signing and claiming marketing initiatives conducted similarly with email. This easy claim process enables you to capture readers from multiple blockchains.‍
  2. Digital Certificate of Authenticity (CoA): Businesses and creators can leverage Quick Wallet to enrich a physical product with an NFT-backed CoA. Imagine if a comic book creator generates a single-use QR code using the claim link. The said QR code is attached inside the comic book, preventing malicious actors from scanning the QR code. The purchaser of the comic book can scan the QR and claim the Beam via email or by saving the QR code to the phone. The NFT is then claimed on Enjin Wallet as the buyer’s interest in Web3 grows.‍
  3. Physical Conventions: Physical events will continue to play a large role in human society. However, you cannot expect thousands of attendees to stop by your booth, download a Web3 wallet, memorize the seed phrase in one sitting. With Quick Wallet, you can print out a physical QR Code which visitors can scan on the go. Within seconds, your audience can gain a preview of the NFT and make the claim. It is the perfect marketing tool to introduce non-Web3 personalities to your Web3 business.

By facilitating diverse applications both online and in person, Quick Wallet proves to be an indispensable tool. This feature broadens the reach of digital assets and fosters deeper user-engagement with the Web3 ecosystem.

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