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SITEnetwork Ignites $39 Billion Virtual Tourism Market

SITEnetwork is spearheading a global initiative that merges Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to redefine global tourism.

Fueled by Enjin Blockchain, this project connects users to iconic locations, offering digital and authentic exploration experiences.

SITEnetwork has ideated several key virtual worlds that replicate real-world locations:

  • Metinburgh: A digital recreation of Edinburgh, Scotland. The team has identified Castlehill, located at the foot of Edinburgh Castle as the first section to be digitized.
  • Mayaverse - This virtual world resurrects the ancient Mayan civilization, bringing its rich history and culture to life.
  • Metahattan - Developed by Parallel Worlds, this digital twin captures the vibrant culture of New York City. View Parallel Worlds and SITEnetwork’s partnership announcement on Youtube.

SITEnetwork boasts an extensive suite of partners to make their virtual sites spring to life.

With patented technology from partner company MRKD, SITEnetwork and Parallel Worlds will offer authenticated, interoperable, and rights-verified digital objects on the open web. Users will be able to win digital items and access these across all SITEnetwork virtual worlds.

Meanwhile, New York Culture Club (NYCC), a leader in NFC-technology, enables SITEnetwork to deploy tokenized products into its digital sites. NYCC has made waves in New York Fashion Week and most recently in the music industry with FC-enabled tokenized vinyl records.

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Enjin Blockchain-Fueled Experiences

SITEnetwork’s virtual realms extend beyond mere exploration; they are dynamic platforms where users can engage with tourism, cultural events, e-commerce, and education.

Tourism and Culture

Ipsos' The Metaverse and Future of Travel, October 2023

Studies show that virtual tourism positively influences tourists’ intention to visit actual attractions. SITEnetwork’s virtual worlds hold the potential to attract people to physical visits, enhance experiences, and preserve travel memories.

Immersive experiences bring historical sites to life. Users can take advantage of interactive elements like touch-responsive virtual artifacts and guided tours narrated by holographic figures.

A blockchain-based passport deepens this experience through stamps collected from visited virtual worlds. Additionally, users can explore restricted locations safely from their homes. For instance, Metaverse Seoul allows virtual visits to the Mayor’s office.

Music Events and Sports

Ipsos' The Metaverse and Future of Travel, October 2023

According to a 2022 Ipsos survey, nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials are as enthusiastic about attending virtual concerts as physical ones.

The integration of VR and AR into entertainment platforms allows users to engage in immersive movie experiences, virtual conferences, and sporting events. These virtual venues can then be enhanced with live stats and multiple viewing angles.

This digital approach breaks geographical barriers and fosters global participation.

E-Commerce and Shopping

McKinsey & Co. Value Creation in the Metaverse, June 2022

SITEnetwork’s VR and AR platform enhances the shopping experience. Consumers can see how various items look on them before making a purchase, ensuring satisfaction with their choices. This aspect has become more important in the age of social media.

Virtual environments enable social shopping, where users can browse virtual stores with friends and receive instant peer feedback.

This immersive shopping generates hybrid opportunities whereby online engagement can translate to real world sales.

Education and Training

Virtual reality allows students to explore concepts in ways that aren't possible in the real world. Imagine walking on Mars or exploring the inside of a volcano.

The removal of geographic and financial barriers makes high-quality education more accessible. Social capabilities of platforms like SITEnetwork foster collaborative environments where students worldwide can interact and work together seamlessly.

This digital approach not only makes education more engaging but also more inclusive, paving the way for a global classroom experience.

Prepare for the Brave New World

The SITEnetwork, powered by Enjin, is setting a new standard for virtual experiences. By integrating cutting-edge technologies like VR, AR, and blockchain, SITE Network opens up new avenues for cultural exploration, immersive learning, and global collaboration.

SITEnetwork is gearing up for the closed-alpha of Metinburgh, its first virtual world. Join their Telegram group to get early-access to Metinburgh.

Enjin's tools provide the flexibility we need to utilize gaming technology in the development of solutions for the Tourism industry, while offering opportunities to create integrations with other projects on the network. Our partners are breaking new ground using NFC technology for real world assets (RWA) and we see Enjin as a key partner to bring the Hybrid Economy for tourism to life
Damian Pike
CEO of SITEnetwork
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