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The Six Dragons
The first Blockchain-powered Open World RPG. The game features a massive world of 256km2, more than 1 billion dungeons, sophisticated blockchain crafting & enchanting system and a huge decentralized game economy.
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Venture into an open world fantasy RPG featuring 1 billion dungeons.

The Six Dragons (TSD) unleashes an expansive world of dragons and dungeons.

Brought to you by BlockPegnio, TSD is a MultiSingle-Player adventure where players embark on a solo journey surrounded by multiplayer dimensions. Every action you take shapes the broader multiverse.

The Six Dragons launched on Epic Games Store on April 30, 2024, boasting revamped gameplay and graphics. This public launch, following over 5 years of development, marks the revitalization of their longstanding partnership with the Enjin ecosystem.

Moving Web3 Forward with Enjin Blockchain

The Six Dragons is hailed as the world’s first blockchain-powered open-world RPG.Initially launched in 2019, the game garnered significant attention after unveiling its blockchain prototype using the Enjin Platform’s Unity SDK within 48 hours.

The prototype, showcased during the March 2019 Game Developers Conference, featured automatic storage of in-game NFT items into the Enjin Wallet, as well as item crafting and enchantment. These showcased blockchain game use cases paved the way for many Web3 games in the market today.

Since the groundbreaking blockchain integration with the Enjin Platform, BlockPegnio has been a significant contributor to the Enjin Ecosystem. TSD was one of the first games to migrate to Jumpnet (a former Ethereum-scaling solution powered by Enjin).

Now, 5 years later, TSD has committed to integrating Enjin Blockchain.

Many of the game’s previous assets have already moved to NFT.io, Enjin’s premier NFT marketplace where players can trade seamlessly.

A bit of alpha - search for the Dragon’s Mount NFTs. These highly sought after digital assets allow a player to ride the skies on a dragon.

With Enjin Blockchain’s powerful set of NFT functionalities, The Six Dragons promises a next-level Web3 gaming experience.

Introducing Rift Worlds

As a major upgrade to its unique MultiSingle-Player Experience, BlockPegnio introduces Rift Worlds.

The Six Dragons world spans 256km² of open land and 1 billion dungeons to explore. TSD dwarfs the map size of legendary open-world Skyrim, which measures 37.1km².

The TSD world is subdivided into a Tile (each spanning a square kilometer) and you operate in a Tile within your single-player journey.  As you complete quests and perform actions within that Tile, you contribute to the overall progress of that specific area.

Once can envision hundreds of players operating within the same Tile and adding to the percentage completion of this area. When the Tile progress hits 100% progression, unique events activate within the area.

Once an area achieves full progress make sure to check your map for a Rift Portal. These portals awaken the Rift Boss, a fearsome creature unique to your world. The boss that spawns in your instance is a uniquely tailored to your skills and level.

As you deal damage to the creature, its main body takes damage from all Rift versions. Thus, while everyone embarks on this battle individually in their own realm, they simultaneously contribute to the defeating the boss as a cross-realm collective.

Defeating the main boss yields significant rewards. A leaderboard is set up to highlight individual player contributions. a leaderboard will highlight individual player contributions. The top Rift contributors will receive enhanced rewards for their service to the wider community.

The Six Dragons Rift Worlds produce multiplayer experiences similar to Guild Bosses in popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.

Building a Game for the 99%

TSD is improving on its initial gameplay by enhancing access to non-Web3 players, while also tailoring its gameplay to expand beyond the RPG market and build community-centric mechanics to attract MMORPG players alike.

Web3 savvy users can connect at the onset with their Enjin Wallet, enabling a host of powerful on-chain features. However, Web2 users are free to skip this step and dive straight into the game.

The most fundamental aspects of the game do not require any blockchain knowledge. And any cryptocurrency or NFTs received initially will be held in a Managed Wallet.

This allows countless players to onboard and progress into the game without the technical barriers and blockers of a typical Web3 game.

Once players are hooked onto the game and are ready to explore the blockchain side of TSD, they jump into a portal headed to EnjinVille.

The Six Dragons initially made waves with their innovative use of blockchain tech. This culminated in the Blacksmith Service. With this service, players from separate single-player instances could still provide goods and services to each other, across realms.

The Enjin Blockchain-powered smithing experience enables players to post NFT-backed crafting recipes. Other players then borrow these recipes to create tokenized in-game weapons and armor. The owner of the recipe receives cryptocurrency rewards in return.

To enrich the smithing service, TSD now introduces the Trading Post, a marketplace similar to traditional MMORPGS. Players can buy and sell non-NFT in-game materials which are essential to crafting. Through the orders feature, a player can also place large orders and wait for other players to fill them.

Boost The Six Dragons to the Top of the Epic Game Store

The Six Dragons’ launch on Epic Games Store is a culmination of learning and development over the past 5 years. Furthermore, it’s a commitment to the Enjin Ecosystem as an immutable home for for building and marketing great Web3 games.

Just as TSD made waves in the 2019 GDC, it’s positioned to make an even greater impact on the Web3 gaming market in its upcoming launch.

The Six Dragons launched on Epic Games Store on April 30, 2024. To ensure a high placement, make sure to add this Web3 innovation to your Wishlist!

"Enjin’s tech has made it easy for us to turn innovative, blockchain-powered ideas into reality for our players. Using their SDK and API, we were able to integrate blockchain in 48 hours.”
Savvas Lazopoulos
CEO of BlockPegnio
The Six Dragons
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The Six Dragons

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