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CyberCrew uses its GameStop NFT experience to expand the Enjin Multiverse

CyberCrew made waves when GameStop NFT commissioned them for the iconic astronaut mascot. Now, CyberCrew is channeling its expertise into the Enjin Ecosystem.

GameStop NFT astronaut designed by CyberCrew
The iconic Gamestop NFT astronaut, designed by CyberCrew

As a leader in designing interoperable gaming assets, CyberCrew delivers AAA-Quality 3D Models to integrate into games, forming their own decentralized Multiverse.

CyberCrew will create several Enjin-inspired multiverse items that can be integrated across the Enjin Ecosystem of games. They have carefully crafted, sleek 3D items that will be easily deployed across any gaming title: knives, swords, shields, and axes.

Enjin Multiverse Item by CyberCrew
Sneak peak of a new Enjin Multiverse item, from CyberCrew

These multiverse items expand Enjin’s vision of an interoperable gaming multiverse in which players can have one digital asset that they can use across several games.

With cross-platform interoperability at they heart of what they do, CyberCrew will also infuse cross-game item utility for their game, Deathmatch, an upcoming fast-paced action combat shooter.

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Expanding the Enjin Multiverse

CyberCrew has pioneered interoperable gaming assets. Its characters are used in over a dozen top-quality games and apps, such as Kiraverse, Somnium Space, and Looper Lands.

CyberCrew seeks to bring the same high-level execution into the Enjin Ecosystem, pushing the community forward in unprecedented ways.

Co-Marketing Initiatives

Enjin Multiverse items
Enjin provides marketing support for Multiverse initiatives

CyberCrew invites Enjin-fueled crypto games to collaborate on this initiative.

Players can use these multiverse items across several titles, enhancing their utility. Meanwhile, game developers may use these multiverse items to attract and retain more players by fostering a loyal cross-game community.

CyberCrew will reserve a certain amount of each multiverse item for every project that integrates these assets. The implementing Web3 game can then use these items for giveaways and promotions in their communities.

Enjin will help promote these assets and any games that integrate them. This marketing support forms part of a broader push to decentralize the Enjin Multiverse.

A New Home for the GameStop NFT Community

Enjin, the home for all NFT and crypto gaming communities
Enjin is in prime position to cater to the GameStop NFT community

When GameStop officially shut down its NFT marketplace, thousands of NFT collectors and numerous game developers were left searching for a new platform.

CyberCrew, having been pivotal in popularizing the GameStop NFT marketplace by bringing in more than 70 artists, is uniquely positioned to transition this community into the Enjin Ecosystem.

The once-popular GameStop NFT marketplace traded over $3.5 million of digital collectibles during its launch. CyberCrew’s introduction into Enjin could expand the latter’s user base. GameStop users bring their engagement and pour liquidity into Enjin’s diverse and expansive environment.

The Gaming Multiverse to Infinity and Beyond

CyberCrew's integration with the Enjin Ecosystem provides a home for the GameStop NFT community and invigorates Enjin’s ecosystem with new creativity and enhanced liquidity. Such collaboration also signifies a continued step towards solidifying the gaming multiverse.

We'd love to test the waters a little and do a hybrid minting of free and paid (but affordable ) gaming assets that can be used in the Enjin gaming ecosystem.
Brenden "Shrike" Dearie
Co-Founder of CyberCrew
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