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War of Ants
War of ants is a real-time PVP strategy mobile game where you; compete with players around the world, collect crypto-backed units, power-ups & rare artifacts, wage war against other ant colonies.
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War of Ants: Real-Time Tactical PvP Crypto Game on Enjin

StealthOne game studio officially migrated to Enjin Blockchain in June 2024, following the growing list of Web3 games that have moved over to the new chain.

War of Ants is a mobile strategy crypto game where you compete with players around the world and collect digital asset-backed power ups and units. The game is live and playable for free on Android.

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Compete with players around the world in this mobile strategy PvP game.
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Take Charge of Your Colony and Lead Raids

Players can achieve victory either by retrieving a chest positioned at the center of the battlefield—or by reaching and killing the enemy queen.

You can choose from three races: ants, mecha ants, and humans and strategically deploy a variety of troops from workers (whom collect the chest), to ground and flying units.

Deploy various troops.

As you finish your battles, you earn Scrapvalue.

Players can exchange the game’s virtual currency for battle tickets, required to play matches, and other in-game fees. Scrapvalue also allows you to craft new weapons and armor.

Meanwhile, other collected items can provide special abilities like Mortar and Air Strikes, as well as new ant units. These new units are essential to replenish the soldiers you've lost in battle or to bolster strategy in certain areas of your army.

Upcoming Enjin Blockchain Integrations

War of Ants collection on NFT.io

War of Ants has already migrated its token collection to NFT.io. Plays can link and unlink their Enjin Wallet app to experience the full benefits of War of Ants' NFT collection. The development team is also working to re-launch its in-Game Exchange, an internal marketplace where players can swap Scrapvalue for fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

While players may already enjoy War of Ants without any crypto gaming knowledge, the future crypto integrations deepen the enjoyment and playing experience.

We have always wanted to be a part of the blockchain gaming revolution, empowering players with true ownership of their digital assets and delivering enhanced gameplay experiences. When it comes to blockchain game development tools, the Enjin Platform is the unsurpassed leader in this space, both in terms of ease-of-integration and proven application across a large collection of games. Enjin integration is allowing us to revitalize the War of Ants gaming experience.
Siva Prakash
CEO of StealthOne
War of Ants
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War of Ants

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