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NFToinks’ Transformation from Enjin NFT Enthusiast to Web3 Artist and Game Creator

Enjin has really left a mark on me. As a [previous] graphic artist working daily, I am now working from home and doing art for the community. I have my own time for the Enjin community to give them the best that I have.

NFToinks' journey from a traditional graphic artist to a pivotal member of the Enjin community underscores the transformative potential of blockchain. Web3 participants can create meaningful connections and take advantage of opportunities within this digital economy.

Get to Know the Artistic Force

Pockie Warrior collection banner as found on NFT.io

Alecs, better known in the Web3 scene as NFToinks, hails from the Philippines. He initially joined the crypto arena by playing games like Axie Infinity and CryptoBlades, and later on discovered the possibilities the industry offered.

Formerly a graphic artist for a travel agency, Alecs found his true calling as a Web3 creator during the Covid pandemic era in 2021. This marked the beginning of a major shift in his professional life.

Currently, NFToinks brings his artistic talents to the Enjin Ecosystem as the visionary behind Pockie Warrior.

Read on to learn more about this valuable Enjineer!

Charting NFToinks’ Journey Into Enjin

NFToinks' Enjin adventure began with the Enjin Dapper giveaways. Rather than shell out an arm and leg for an NFT, Alecs appreciated how these giveaways were free and allowed first-time users to easily onboard onto Web3.

Remembering the first moment I encountered Enjin…I was so glad, like i can't afford having those apes and other kinds of NFTs so getting it on Enjin giveaways made me happy.

Enjin Dapper, a previous initiative between Enjin and CoinMarketCap, allowed the latter’s users to convert their platform rewards (Diamonds) into partner NFTs.

This initial exposure caught his interest, especially when he realized many of his friends were already enthusiastic collectors. Those friends who could not complete the Dappers collection tried to buy or get some of NFToinks collections, furthering his passion for digital assets.

Finding a Home With Enjin

While NFToinks’ journey to Enjin began on a high note, his creator story started during challenging personal times.

During the passing of his uncle, Alecs turned to X (then known as Twitter) to check out Enjin-related content and take his mind off things. Finding inspiration with established Enjin community artists such as Scottie, Sonate, and Deepak, Alecs’ curiosity transformed into a creative desire.

This pivotal moment led him to seek guidance from established artists within the community. These fellow creators helped Alecs navigate the complexities of minting NFTs on Enjin.

Among all Enjineers, Sonate proved to be an invaluable resource who gave video instructions on how to create Enjin NFTs.

Elon Mask

NFToinks first collection called ElonMask, inspired by the highly-renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk, achieved modere success. The NFT project reached the top 50 ranking on JumpNet (Enjin’s previous Ethereum scaling solution) and served as further motivation to create on Enjin.

The Rise of Pockie Warrior

Pockie Warrior serves as NFToinks’ most cherished NFT creation.

Not only has Alecs gained fame amongst the Enjineers, but he has also used the NFT collection to pay it forward. In December 2023, he conducted a Dojo Pass NFT sale where the proceeds went towards buying 2 children a Christmas gift.

The Dojo Pass also provides utility to holders through its monthly ENJ and NFT raffles.

Screenshot of the Pockie Warrior collection

Existing Collection

Inspired by Pockie Ninja, a 2D browser-based MMO title, Pockie Warrior aims to offer a open-sourced experience infused with the same spirit and enthusiasm. For reference, Pockie Warrior included characters from popular manga and anime such as Naruto and Bleach. The game ultimately met its demise due to copyright issues.

Beyond a simple profile picture project, Pockie Warrior is a testament to the capabilities of the Enjin platform, particularly the Beam feature which revolutionizes how digital asset giveaways are conducted.

We [the creators] love the Beam feature now...supporters will go to you and in just one scan, they have your giveaway.

Enjin Beam is a massive upgrade from the manual sending of NFTs performed in other blockchains. NFToinks highlighted the efficiency and user-friendly nature of Enjin’s tools.

In-Development Game

Sneak peek of Pockie Warrior's game

Looking ahead, NFToinks is actively laying the groundwork for future innovation. He is developing a game that integrates seamlessly with Enjin Blockchain, leveraging the network’s capabilities to enhance holder engagement.

Pockie Warrior will serve a greater purpose in an upcoming Enjin Blockchain-powered title. In this new farming-game, players leverage on various Pockie Warrior assets to generate “Pupils.” The farmed assets will then be redeemable into rewards.

Riding the Web3 Wave

As NFToinks continues to innovate and inspire within the Enjin Ecosystem, his story serves as a powerful reminder of how passion and the right community can combine to create something truly remarkable.

He encourages other onlookers to take part and take advantage of the various opportunities that Web3 has to offer.

We value your presence and ideas. We have the best and loving community here. Looking forward to your contributions.
The Enjin growth features really help us artists / creators make or mint NFTs fast.
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